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Birthdate:Oct 3
Location:Texas, United States of America
Я не говорю или читать русский. Если у вас есть дневник, написанный на русском языке, я не буду вам добавить в мой список друзей, и вы не сможете прочитать мои дневник.

Translation, per Google Language Tools: "I do not speak or read Russian. If you have a diary written in Russian, I will not add you to my friends list and you can not read my diary."

40-something Irish-Anglo-Fr. Swiss bear type. Native to CA, transplanted to TX. Was back in CA for a while with my Partner, hubby, and best-friend of twelve years, David, cowboyinvestor, but the Dot.Bomb bust forced us into an "Inverse-Okie". Now back in TX and longing to return to SoCal. OK, maybe not OC (CM for those who know) this time - LACo, Ventura, or even SD would do just fine. Given our allergy/asthma status the desert looks very attractive.

We are co-owned by two cats who outsource our services as personal shoppers, chefs, executive assistants, and litter-box attendants to the remaining four felines in exchange for the best spots on Dave's and my bed. Unix & Win32 Übergeek in search of steady paychex. Doing Mozilla and GnuPG work to keep the brain active, but it doesn't pay. Geek interests include: cryptography, CypherPunks, distributed computing, Open{PGP|SSL|SSH|LDAP}, modern physics - Hawking, Greene, Feynmann, Super String theory, GUTs, etc.

Partnered, playful, polyamorous in nature, likes to kiss a LOT, tactile & versatile. Furry all over mostly brown & grey, Beard is more red-brown; pierced in a few places (ask - I'm NOT shy); no ink yet (but have some designs in mind) -- should I post them?. Furry redheads get my INSTANT attention -- SCHWING!!! Y tambien los osos y ositos peludos hispanicos.

Sometime too intelligent for my own good. Omniverous reader. Eclectic taste in music runs from A-Z (Albinoni - Zappa), have fallen behind on movies and theatre. Spiritually raised in the liberal wing of the United Methodists then allowed to find our own place. Now somewhat of a Zen Episcopagan - that's Anglican with a healthy amount of Zen, Taoism and Southwestern Native American beliefs.

(J/P ties, T/F is borderline)
Libra, Aries rising, Moon in Leo.
Chinese: Metal Ox
Bear Code:
B0/B5 f+ t+ w d+c+v g(++) k++ s++ r++ e++
(It's like Braille - you read it with your fingers.)
32.681365° N, 97.148510° W
(+32° 40' 52.91", -97° 8' 54.64")
800 FASL

The Current Terror Alert Level is:
Terror Alert Level

My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?

Click for Arlington, Texas Forecast

Bearing the above NC-17 Rating in mind: Most likely, if I have anything remotely close to that, then only my LJ friends will see it, if ever. Alternatively, I may use the NC-17 graphic above, and use the ever popular lj-cut tag. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Bear in mind that if you view my friends page, with its public posts, some pictures may feature nudity. If this offends you, then it's best that you don't view it at all. None of the images are pornographic in nature, however, in accordance to LiveJournal's policies, outlined on the FAQ, and the Terms of Service (see sections XV. and XVI.).

That's all I can think of now. Go on, nothing to see here. Please drop $10 at the door before you leave the premises. Thank You, have a NICE day. :D

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