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If faced with the decision t choose between a man and a cat for a companion, I think I'd choose the cat(s).

I've noticed a habit in the men I know that they only communicate with me when they want something. Advise, chat, what have you. If I call, they'll "Call you back"and never do. If I send email, i don't even get an acknowlegment that it was received.

On the other paw, the most desired spot for the cats is by my side. They don't ask for a lot, but seem to be happy without measure just to be next to me.
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Getting reacquainted with old friends
"...The greatest drug of all, my dear, was not one of those pills in so many colors that you took over the years, was not the opium, the hash that you smoked at houses on the beach, or the speed or smack you shot up in Sutherland's apartment, no, it wasn't any of these. It was the city, darling, it was the city, unreal city, the city itself. And do you see why I had to leave? As Santayana said, dear, artists are unhappy because they are not interested in happiness; they live for beauty. God, was that steaming, loathsome city beautiful!!! And why finally no human lover was possible, because I was in love with all men, with the city itself. And Malone was crazier than I. You could tell from his face how deep the disease has eaten into his system. The life of his flesh dwindled, but his spirit ascended like the angels into a perfect love--and yet he was still stuck with his mortal body and his mortal lusts and mortal loveliness: You can't live on the promise of a casual smile which passes while you sit on the stoop waiting for the breeze from the river--demented queen! You can't love eyes, my dear, you can't love youth, you can't love summer dusks that washed us out of our tenements into the streets like water falling over rocks--no, dear, madness that way lies. You must stick to earth, always, you must love another man or woman, a human lover whose farts occasionally punctuate the silence of your bedroom in the morning and who now and then has bad moods that must be catered to." -- Andrew Holleran, Dancer from the Dance. 1978.
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Attend the tale of Romney, Mitt
The bully in the bully pulpit
He's got your back like Norman Bates
And he'd love to talk but the limo awaits

For Romney, for Romney, Mitt
The Demon Barber of Wall...Street
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He is absolutely gorgeous and the combined iconography of the Orthodox church and La Día de los Muertos is wonderful.

A Year

May. 12th, 2012 05:46 am
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 "How is it possible, after all, that someone should simply vanish? How can someone who lived, loved, and wrangled with God and himself just disappear? I don't know how and in what sense but they're here. Since time is an illusion, why shouldn't everything remain?"

— Issac Beshevis Singer, Shosha.

 "But now I know in my heart what before I understood only in my head: We don't fall in love for reasons. This is the source of love's meaning and our obsession with it. In an age where every phenomenon is assumed to have an explanation, love keeps us human; love taps us into mystery, into that which we can't control or explain: love, and grief.

 "To love is to willingly lower our defenses, a terrifying prospect in any time and place but especially so at a time and in a place where we perceive ourselves as having so much to defend ourselves against. To love is to give oneself over to another, to entrust to someone else a power that all good sense would have us reserve to ourselves. So we give away some part of ourselves, to find that part returned to us tenfold, in ways we never could have predicted and cannot rationally understand. Loaves and fishes. Miracles happen."

 "I love better now, more wholly and completely, not because I have learned some exotic technique but because I know death."
— Fenton Johnson, Geography of the Heart.

Thank you, BooBoo, for the years and the unlimited love. I love you, Yogi.

One year ago this morning:
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My reply:
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Subject: Re: [Sks-devel] Debian binary replacement
Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 23:25:20 -0500
From: John Clizbe 
Reply-To: sks-devel 
To: sks-devel 

Sebastian Urbach wrote:
> Hi,
> The subject says it all. Please consider the readme file.
> http://key-server.org/sks/

Quoting from the above:
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Damn allergic rhinitis. My nose is running like a coke fiend.

Time for the NasaCortAQ and Astelin.

Well, F**K

May. 9th, 2012 04:03 am
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The friend I was going to spend this weekend with just sent me an IM on Yahoo canceling out until Memorial Day weekend.

I sure hope my doc calls in that Klonopin refill or I'm going to have to rely on Vicodin and Vodka.

Strangely I've had a sense of foreboding he was going to cancel since last week when we set this up.
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Just a week to go until it will be May 12th again.

Those so inclined light a candle, say prayers that the day will pass without too great a level of pain and grief.

It's been pretty stressful since Easter.
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In today's unpredictable political polls, sometimes you're on the top, sometimes you're on the bottom.
Are ready to have a candidate you can really get behind?

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More Intake of Chocolate May Yield Lower Body Mass Index

Clinical Context

Chocolate appears to have a beneficial role in blood pressure and insulin sensitivity, according to Grassi and colleagues in the March 2005 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and in cholesterol levels, according to Allen and colleagues in the April 2008 issue of the Journal of Nutrition. However, the benefit of chocolate intake might be offset by the caloric intake.

This cross-sectional study by Golomb and colleagues assesses whether the frequency of chocolate intake is associated with body mass index (BMI).

Study Synopsis and Perspective

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Survived Easter. Last Easter was the last time David and were able to speak to each other, the last time he got to say "I love you, Yogi." He told me to come back up to the rehab Wednesday, but Tuesday he was having trouble breathing and was sent to the ER and transferred to ICU. On oxygen, he couldn't really speak and it was within a couple days he was intubated and sedated.

I guess the association was too much. I avoided chocolate bunnies, replenishing my jelly bean supply (most only available this time of year), even M&Ms -- all the things David used to buy for me.

Now I just have that dread date in May left to face. It's a few days after the same event for Bear, so maybe we can help each other through together.
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[livejournal.com profile] teddybtoronto found it.

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Last night's Fortune Cookie: "Now is the time to set your sights high and go for it"...

We did :-)
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